Amersham here we come!

Amersham-Exchange return visit 5.6.17 to 14.6.17 

We spent 10 fantastic days in our exchange families, went on many exciting trips and got to know the village of Old Amersham as well as Amersham on the Hill, where Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School is. So we learned much about the place itself and its surroundings.

On the first day we stayed in school with our exchanges. This was very interesting and a great experience because their school system is quite different to ours. After that we met the mayor of Amersham followed by a guided tour through Old Amersham. The old part of Amersham consists of very old and lovely houses.

This time, we also visited the famous Harry Potter Studios in London. Our self-guided audio tour took us through the whole exhibition and we could listen to amazing background stories which we hadn’t learned about before. Besides we looked at all the interesting objects we had seen in all the Harry Potter films: the flying car, the common room or the dormitory and many other things. If you wanted to spend some extra money, you could ride on the broom stick as well. It was a very exciting trip and we were all very enthusiastic.

In London we saw the famous sights like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and many more. Besides, we visited the Museum of London and the National Gallery. In the National Gallery a guide explained four paintings to us from different centuries. She pointed out the important details, which was great.

A market, which everyone liked, was Camden Market. This is a huge and intercultural market where you can buy beautiful souvenirs and lots of food from many different countries.

On Tuesday, we visited Cambridge together with our English exchange students. There we did “punting on the river Cam” with punting boats and saw the impressive college buildings and many old bridges. The guide told us interesting things about the city and the colleges. At the weekend we spent time with our exchange families and did great activities, for example went in a canal boat or visited another interesting city. One of us was even invited to a wedding.

On two London days we had some free time that we could use for ourselves. So we bought souvenirs for our friends and families, we went shopping or just sat in one of the many lovely English cafés.

All in all, we enjoyed these ten days and I think living in an English family was a very good experience for all of us.